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Nov. 12th, 2007

Charlie The Unicorn

In this post I told you about that funny Supernatural - Charlie the Unicorn parody which Jared and Jensen found so funny.

I re-watched it a few times because it's so damn hilarious! I love Jensen aka Charlie's voice, it's so freaking funny!

Since I didn't know the original I looked it up on YouTube as well! That vid actually has over 15 Mio views!!! And I also found "Charlie The Unicorn Slowed Down." And you guys know how voices sound when slowed down, right? And additionally, I just loved the backwards version too!

+ Charlie The Unicorn original
+ Charlie The Unicorn slowed down
+ Charlie The Unicorn backwards

Enjoy the crack!!

Funny SPN fanvid suggested by Jared and Jensen

So, when I was watching the vid from the Chicago Con _sin_attract shared with fandom, I noticed Jared and Jensen talking about a YouTube vid that's some sort of funny SPN and Charlie The Unicorn parody. Jared said they found it very funny and they suggest it!

Oookay, on I went looking up that vid and OH MAN, it cracked me up so hard! Go watch it!!!

Chicago Con reports

I totally snagged this from softcake_70 but I will try to continue it on my own.

There are already some awesome reports out there with pics, stories etc. from people who where at the Chicago Con and got to see Jared and Jensen in all their adorkable glory!! Here are the first of those reports:

List put behind the cut, because it got too long. )

Here is a cute pic courtesy of _sin_attract:

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view!)

x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Nov. 11th, 2007

Two cute pics of Jared and Jensen: Jared's doing it again

OMG!!! People, I just had --- strike that, I'm still having a major squee fit because of those pictures that runedgirl just posted!! You know that Jared and Jensen are at the ChicagoCon this weekend. And runedgirl is one of those lucky fans who's also there. And she took the cutest pics of Jared and Jensen...

Look, how Jared just can't take his hands off Jensen. And Jensen is all used to it as it seems!! Look:

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view!)

ETA 2007-11-11 @ 17:14 So, in case you want to know why exactly Jared always hugs Jensen like that, missyjack has the answer: Jared aka the Pada-Sloth.

Thanks to runedgirl for those incredible sweet pics!!|x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Oct. 27th, 2007

Even more pics from Jared's new photoshoot

Today I found a few more pics from Jared's new photoshoot. (Remember? I already posted three pics some time ago.)

Now, on j-padalecki.org you can find a whole lot more pics of him all sexy and slicked and OH SO JARED!

Here are a few teaser, unfortunately they all have watermarks on them.

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

Man, that guy is packaging a HUGE thing there!! Everything on Jared is huge, I guess! Whoa! OMG! *is dead*

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Oct. 9th, 2007

Jared's new photoshoot: 3 photos/10 icons

The other day I stumbled across three photos from Jared's new photoshoot which were posted by moonilicious. I must say these pics are gorgeous! Jared is one hot guy! Dammit.

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view)

Because they are so hot I also made a few icons from the pics. Hope you like them.

[01-10] Jared Padalecki


001 002 003

To the rest )

Oct. 3rd, 2007

New promo pics SPN 3.05

I was just checking my f-list over on that site that shall not be named when I stumbled across the promo stills from SPN 3.05.

More info and the pics under here )

Sep. 28th, 2007

Gimp, pictures and my first two icons :)

Everyone who knows me a bit can tell that I occasionally whine about not having Photoshop to create shiny and nice icons, headers and the like. Yesterday [info]only_gremo told me about a free but very good image program called GIMP. It's a program for LINUX but it also works with Windows.

I downloaded it, and when you are a newbie like me it looks so complicated at first. I browsed through the manual (English Version) in order to understand the thousands of tools and then I tried a few of them.

I actually created my two very first icons with Gimp. Besides the fact that these are my first icons, they are not special though, and they are by far not perfect, but I decided to post them to my journal anyway. I messed around with the text editor, layers and different filters besides other things. It was fun! Okay, on to my first icons:

001 002

Well, as I said nothing special, just the result of my testing and probing. :) But as it is with first things, I love them. &hearts

I'm excited to see how long it will take me to master Gimp and to create really shiny icons and stuff! We'll see.

Sep. 25th, 2007

New pic of Jared from "TCC"

There is a new wonderful pic of Jared from his new movie "The Christmas Cottage" which is due to hit cinemas on November 30th, 2007.

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view.)

I really like the coloring here! The red scarf, Jared's brown hair and the snowy surroundings, it looks so nice!

ETA 09-25-2007 @ 14:35pm
I found two more pics:

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view.)

Thanks to ckll for the first pic│other pics found on winchesterbros.com, thanks to [info]fabilimah for pointing me in the right direction│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Sep. 11th, 2007

A few hot Jared photos

I found a few photos of Jared that I haven't seen before. Seeing that I only got into him four months ago, chances are pretty high that you already know them. But in case you don't, take a look:

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger version! These are really huge photos.)

Please, don't hotlink!

Source: faces_fit│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

[SPN S3] Spoiler Pics

Oh, I just found a few pics of Supernatural Season 3. Take a look if you dare, it's nice!

Spoiler for Supernatural Season 3 )

First seen here│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Sep. 6th, 2007

New SPN Season 3 promo stills

Behind the cut are some pretty promo stills from SPN Season 3! Our guys look so damn hot!

Beware, promo stills SPN Season 3 )

Sep. 1st, 2007

SPN: interesting and funny vids/pics I found

Aww, it's weird, since all the incredible Supernatural Season Two DVD's special features, especially the Gag Reel, hit fandom I'm full of excitement and my obsession with the show, and Jared in particular, got even worse.

So I went to YouTube looking for some clips I haven't seen yet, and oh boy were there a lot. After all I got into SPN only three month ago. Anyway, I watched the "Star! Supernatural Interviews" (Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3), which are really awesome!

And I also stumbled across a recent clip of Jared at the Teen Choice Awards 2007 Press Conference which cracked me up real hard. The clip lasts only 55 seconds, but it's so cute to see Jared answering the questions, and then at the end, I think he doesn't understand what's expected of him, so he thinks a second and then he decides to go and says, "Thanks guys" in such a funny way, it's just so cute. Go watch it, I'm sure you will like it.

Also behind the cut are a few pics from the Season Two Gag Reel, which I can't stop watching!

Pics from the Season Two Gag Reel )

screencaps made by trystan830 (pics 1, 2); the rest was made by ckll│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Aug. 29th, 2007

Entire SPN Season Two Gag Reel Up

OMG!! It is up! The Supernatural Season Two Gag Reel has been uploaded to YouTube! Enjoy folks! Our boys are awesome, as always!

ETA: 09-15-2007 @ 01:28am [info]only_gremo went back here to have a look at the Gag Reel and told me the link to YouTube is down. So she provided another link, HERE, where you can not only watch the Gag Reel in HQ but also download it in the same quality! Great, isn't it?

Just a little teaser!

The GIGANTIC smack on the ass:

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version!)

first seen here│thanks for the pic go to ckll│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Aug. 28th, 2007

More photos from Jared at TCA 2007

Here are more photos from Jared's appearance at the Teen Choice Awards 2007:

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger version!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More behind the cut! )

As always, do not hotlink!

First bunch of photos here.

Source: Jared Padalecki News│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Jared at the CW Affiliates Launch Party

BURBANK, CA - AUGUST 27: Actor Jared Padalecki arrives at the CW Network's Affiliate Launch Party at the Warner Bros. backlot on August 27, 2007 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) (Source: pixsy.com) Photos:

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version!)

Awwww isn't he awesome with that cute little lion cub?

As always, please don't hotlink!

ETA 08-29-2007 @ 1:32am OMG! There are more pics of Jared and that sweet little baby lion here at amas-veritas.net. Go ahead, check them out! They are made of awesome! OMG, Jared and that cub!

Source: Jared Padalecki News│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Aug. 27th, 2007

Jared at Teen Choice Awards 2007

Below are a few pictures of Jared from the Teen Choice Awards 2007 which took place yesterday. Unfortunately he didn't win in his category, Hugh Laurie (House) took the win.

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger version!)

The rest can be found at amas-veritas.

In case you missed it, you can download the clip here.

As always, please don't hotlink!
First seen here.│Pictures taken from amas-veritas.│x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Aug. 26th, 2007

Another short season 2 DVD gag reel clip

So I just went over to YouTube checking if LauraTX1 has uploaded a new clip from the gag reel due to many requests, and she has! Yay! You can watch the second short clip from the SPN season two DVDs gag reel here. (Again I wanted to embed the video here, but insanejournal doesn't seem to accept the codes! o__0)

x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

The SPN season 2 DVDs gag reel, 47 secs clip

Oh I'm so happy right now! I found a 47 seconds clip from the Supernatural season 2 DVDs gag reel on YouTube! It's so funny! Remember? I already posted an entry about what the bloopers are about here. For one thing we can see -Jared wiggling his ass in front of the camera and then ripping his pants and that's exactly what you can see in that short clip (besides other things). Yes, Jared's jenas are simply to tight for his ass! *lol*
Since insanejournal didn't let me embed the vid, you have to watch it here on YouTube. Enjoy!

x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Aug. 19th, 2007

My first asylum!

Yesterday I created my first asylum: [info]jaredp_fans. It's an asylum for all the Jared Padalecki fans out there.

Creating an asylum isn't really that difficult! Only setting up a proper layout, writing rules and stuff like that is a little bit tricky, but I like tricky things! :)

Anyway, I was wondering if someone knows where to pimp my asylum? Any suggestions? Also, I can't seem to find a setting section where I can enable/disable the tags-function so that members will be able/not able to add tags on their own! Does anyone know where I can find this section?

ETA 08-20-2007 @ 3:08am: The problem is now solved! Information on how to set the tag function for asylums can be found here. Thanks to [info]mllesatine for providing the link and [info]das_dingsi for giving such a useful piece of information!

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