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Jul. 2nd, 2008

Seen On My F-List issue #002


Wondering, what this is about? Read.



Jul. 1st, 2008

New regular issue! I call it "Seen On My F-List"! :)

No, although you might have thought it, but I am not dead. I just took a little break from my journal. But now I'm back and I bring you a new little regular issue I've wanted to create for a while now. I want to call it "Seen On My F-List". (Heh, am I not inventive when it comes to names? ^^)

So what will this "Seen On My F-List" issue be about?
Click to learn. )

All right, now that you know what this is all about, let's start with the first issue right away!




  • On mission_briefs, a Gundam Wing fic search/find community on LJ, anime_gal22 is looking for a fic and makes a funny typo.

    in the story Heero get's into a relationship with Duo. But when Duo goes on a mission het is presumed dead. Heero trys everything to find Duo.

    LAWL!!! HET is presumed dead! :)

Well, that's it for this issue! Hope you enjoyed it!

May. 20th, 2008

Instant Slash Stories for my other fandoms

Okay, I'm obsessed, so I went over to the instant slash story site I mentioned here and created one for my other fandoms a well.

Gundam Wing crack!fic )

Snarry crack!fic )

Crack me up: I asked the Oracle of Delphi about fandom

Another hilarious thing I ganked from [info]only_gremo who did it here. I asked the wise Oracle of Delphi about certain things.

On to the interview )

Feb. 3rd, 2008

Bleach and Death Note = new fandoms

Thanks to my dear friend [info]only_gremo I'm currently terribly obsessed with two animes: Bleach and Death Note. It's been awhile since I've last been this obsessed with an anime. I think the last two animes I've been fangirling over were Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing of which the latter is still one of my main fandoms. But now - thanks again Gremo - I've got two new fandoms. :)

I've not yet finished watching Bleach and Death Note. But I'm getting there!

Anyway, since I'm so in love with Bleach I wanted to make some icons of it. So I went searching for screencaps, but, dude believe it or not, it's damn hard to find some. Really, I'm not kidding here! I couldn't for the life of me find screencaps from all the episodes, especially episode 01. That's why I made my own caps and since Bleach screencaps are so rare, I want to share them. In fact, I'm planning on making caps from each episode. But for now here are the caps from episode 01.

Bleach Episode 01 Screencaps:



ZIP FILE (88,56 MB's)


(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

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  • Please credit me ([info]reijamira) somewhere.

Dec. 9th, 2007

Little fandom meme

I snagged the following meme from kros_21.

What you have to do:
First, write down the names of 12 characters (it's best when they're all from the same fandom). Then read and answer the questions. Don't look at the questions until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use or it won't be funny/amusing.

Here are my 12 characters:
1. Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
2. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
3. Bobby Singer (Supernatural)
4. John Winchester (Supernatual)
5. Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
6. Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing)
7. Chang Wufei (Gundam Wing)
8. Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
9. Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
10. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)
11. Wolverine (X-Men)
12. Ellen Harvelle (Supernatural)

Let's have a look at the Q/A. )

Sep. 10th, 2007

A dream comes true ... well sort of

Whoa, I don't know what's gotten into me! I think it's because I've read a lot of Gundam Wing fanfics lately. You can say my dormant Gundam Wing obsession has been reawakened, full force!

And then I read the Gundam Wing fandom history at Fan Fiction History Wiki and I don't know, I just got so nostalgic, thinking that I've been a Gundam Wing fan since 2002/2003. It's one of my very first fandoms! So I went back to IJ looking for Gundam Wing asylums to join and noticed that there was no such asylum for fans of the 1x2x1 (or 2x1x2) pairing!

And then, all of the sudden there it was: The irresistible urge to create an 1x2x1 asylum. Weak as I am, I couldn't resist it. And so the [info]1x2x1_realm was born! It's still under construction though! I will work on the layout and rules etc. tomorrow, (today to be more exact)!