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Jan. 1st, 2009

Happy new year & one goodie

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a very good start into 2009! :)

I bring you something I made while I was trying out some brushes and blending options in PS. I hope someone likes it. As always, I couldn't delete it.

Poisonous Green

Resolution: 1280x800

Click image to download or click HERE.

Also for all the German fans on my f-list:

333 Fakten über Sex.

Have fun reading! :)

May. 20th, 2008

Crack me up: I asked the Oracle of Delphi about fandom

Another hilarious thing I ganked from [info]only_gremo who did it here. I asked the wise Oracle of Delphi about certain things.

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May. 2nd, 2008

[Bleach graphics]: 9 icons and 1 bigger animated gif

Ooookay, righto, here I am back with another rather small set of Bleach icons. This time it's a mostly Grimmjow themed set, because - well yeah I love my evil arrogant Grimmkitty! :)

I promised kishirepantera a Grimmjow put the sex into Sexta icon, but I haven't got around to make one yet. All I came up with so far is a 149x112 animated gif that can be put on the user info or on the sidebar of one's layout. I hope you like it!

I also wanted to welcome all the new people on my flist! *waves* And my little sister, reinanii, who joined LJ a few weeks ago. :)

But now, on to the icons:

Bleach icons:

[01-04] Bleach
[05-09] Bleach (animations)
[10] Bleach: Grimmjow (bigger animation)


We want to tease.

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Feb. 29th, 2008

Testify and make people happy! :)

[info]telesilla is running a testimonial meme over on her personal IJ and it's fun. Basically, what you have to do is leave your username there in a comment, then go through the other comments and when you find a username you know write down something nice you want to say to that particular user. Sounds great? Well, it is and it makes you happy, so go over there! :) Btw, find me here.
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Jan. 20th, 2008

[15 Icons]: Patrick Wolf, Jared Leto, Stock Icons

I decided to post my new batch today. Yeah, I know, yesterday I said it would take me at least 2 more days, but I was bored and so here it is. The Patrick Wolf icons were requested by ogirlie, but they are shareable. :) I really hope you like them!

And as of now, Jared Leto is number two of my all time favorite stars. Number one is another Jared, of course! xD

[01-09] Stock icons: animals, food, landscapes
[10-12] Patrick Wolf
[13-15] Jared Leto


We wanna tease.

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Dec. 7th, 2007

New layout and birthday wishes

Ah finally I finished working on this layout. Took me 2 days! The basic codes are by the talented passing_girl @ LJ.

I applied the layout to my LJ at first, then, because I quickly fell in love with it, I wanted to have it here at my IJ as well. Only problem was that passing_girl wrote this layout for Smooth Sailing. Here I use Flexible Squares, which I grew really quite fond of.

And I didn't want to switch my IJ back to Smooth Sailing either, because Smooth Sailing tends to mess up the comment page whenever a thread gets rather long. Some time ago I found a great code for Flexi Squares to pretend this on s2flexisquares @ LJ. I'd rather not miss out on these codes.

Well, as it was, I had to re-write passing_girl's codes so that they would work for my Flexi Squares layout.

What a strain but it was worth it! Now I have a new and very shiny layout which fits so perfectly to my Sam and Dean header. Awww and the sidebar. I love it. I never had a layout like this before. Whoot!

But enough with the incomprehensible babble, on to more important things.

Today I want to wish two of my friends a very happy birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear [info]mllesatine and [info]pkabyssinian!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Party hard, guys! :)