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Aug. 23rd, 2007

Instructions On How To Upload Mood Themes

I've just found a new and shiny Supernatural Mood Theme over at livejournal and imported it here into my insanejournal. I know it is larger than average size, but the images used for this mood theme are much better than the ones of my previous mood theme.

Anyway, the point I'm writing this is not to ramble about mood themes, even though it has something to do with it, but rather to provide some help and give a few useful suggestions that might make your on-line life a little bit easier. And everything has, in one way or another, something to do with uploading a custom mood theme. So here we go! *rubs hands*

Whenever you want to create a new mood theme so that you can use it in your journal, you have to follow certain steps. For most people those steps might be already clear, but, I'm sure, there are still people out there who scream, "Wtf?" now. If you belong to those people, scream no further, here are the instructions. )

However, when you upload your 132 mood images to Photobucket it is most annoying that you can only upload at least 20 images at one go! So, whilst reading Euterpeslullaby's guide I found an awesome link she provided that will solve that problem! There is this browser called Flock, I find even better than Firefox, that allows you to upload as many pictures as you want to your Photobucket account! I did the tour here, press DISCOVER, and was immediately convinced! I tried it and it worked! Also, read Euterpeslullaby's post on this topic!

Okay, whew, I'm done!