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Jan. 29th, 2013

Is it a shame...

...to still love this song?

(Huh? Why is embedding you-tube vids not working? Here is the link Double Vision-"Knockin'".

I adore a lot of those songs from the good old 90s. My guilty pleasure, I guess. They are quite appropriate for workout.

Also, I've been wondering where fandom has gone to? IJ seems to be sparsely inhabited as ever. LJ has seen more action in its earlier days. And now there is DW. Where are people nowadays? Where's the action gone to?

I'm on DW, too. If you want to add me, I'm jumilinga over there.

Jan. 3rd, 2011

Songs I adore

First of all:

Happy New Year!!!

Lately I'm listening to a few songs that I really love! The one I love the most is 'Rolling In The Deep' by Adele | Listen on youtube. It's a really catching song! I can listen to it on and off. I like the voice of the singer.

The second one is 'I Need A Dollar' by Aloe Blacc | Listen on tape.tv. It sounds a bit like hip-hop and soul. I don't know how to properly discripe it. It's just fun listening to it. I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need...

Other songs I'm currently listening to a lot are:

+ 'Glow' by Madcon | Listen on youtube

+ 'Steroe Love' by Vika Jigulin | Listen on youtube

+ 'Firework' by Katy Perry | Listen on youtube

+ 'Skinny Genes' by Eliza Doolittle | Listen on tape.tv

+ 'Barbra Streisand' by Duck Sauce | Listen on youtube

Nov. 9th, 2008

Yes sir, I'm still breathing and living among the living...

... I'm just not as active in the online world as I used to be. :( I know I neglect my fandoms. I haven't made one icon in months, haven't updated my journals, I haven't even read one single fanfic. This is the biggest break I've ever taken from fandom. Well, now, I want to get back to it, even though it may be a slow progress (depends on the free time I have).

During the rare time I spent online in the last time I found a funny vid. Chances are high that you've already seen it. It's called What What (In The Butt). It's really funny. Watch 'What What (In The Butt)' )
And I think it's already hight time for another of my "Ohrwurm" posts. I have so many new songs I really love at the moment! One of these songs is by Peter von Poehl "The Story Of The Impossible". Some of my German friends will know it from the ad for "Alpina Weiß". Watch the full music video for this song behind the cut. )
Okay, that's it for now! I hope I will find some time to make new icons and other goodies and to update my journal and to comment on your journal entries. :)
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Jul. 6th, 2008

SOMF #004


Wondering, what this is about? Read.


  • And yet another new Batman - The Dark Knight clip. This time it's about the Joker! Watch on YouTube. (Skip to 00:35, this is where the real action begins!) (Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ)

  • Harry Potter fans attention, please! Two new promo pics of Ron and Draco from HBP came out. (Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ)

  • Oh, I'm sure everyone knows this song! Jan Hammer: Crockett's Theme. The music video is really cool, brings back a great Miami Vice feeling! :) Watch on YouTube. (Source: me :D)


  • Awesome ad about sexy sumos washing a car! :) (Source: mad_scientist_x's journal.) Watch )

  • Because I re-discovered my love for Jean Claude van Damme and I know that a few people on my f-list used to/still like him, I give you another dose of him. That man can dance like whoa. Shake that ass, bb! Watch on YouTube. And for everyone who knows Bloodsport, have you ever seen this scene there? *lol* (Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ)

  • Muahha, what kind of music video is this? It cracks me up: Men Without Hats: Safety Dance. (Source: me :D)

  • It's obvious from this post that I was (and still am) in the mood for songs from the 80ies. I found another great song that I like. Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. Don't you want to sing and dance along? :D Bwahah, the video is funny. The way he dances! hahah... It makes me so happy! (Source: me)

May. 31st, 2008

[meme]: 7 of my interests and what they mean to me

I ganked this one from zanzoken. Instructions as follows:

Comment and I'll list 7 interests from your profile in a reply. Then you do an entry about what they mean and why you are interested in them.

Zanzoken picked the following interests:

1. Friedrich Schiller
3. Banana Fish
4. Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)
5. Hurt/Comfort (h/c)
6. Drarry
7. Jensen Ackles

My answers. Beware, some are somewhat lengthy, because I can't keep it short.

Friedrich Schiller )


Banana Fish )

Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST) )

Hurt/Comfort (h/c) )

Drarry )

Jensen Ackles )

May. 16th, 2008

Neubauten and "Sabrina"

I'm in love! I'm in love with a band called Einstürzende Neubauten! I first listened to their song "Ein Seltener Vogel" (Listen here.) which was playing during a scene in CSI episode 4.18 "Bad To The Bone". The song completely caught me within its grasp.

Neubauten have a unique style. To me their music sounds mysterious. I like the slow build up of their songs, the darkish, slow and seductively deep bass, the hypnotic voice of Blixa Bargeld, the strange noises that accompany each of their songs and create a fascinating atmosphere. One of the songs besides "Ich Gehe Jetzt" (Find it in this f-locked post.) I'm currently addicted to is "Sabrina".

[info]mllesatine linked me to the music video yesterday, and if I hadn't been in love with it before, I would have been head over heels then! :)

Watch the video behind the cut!

Music Vid: Sabrina by Einstürzende Neubauten )

>>> Sabrina lyrics
>>> Official Site

Aug. 28th, 2007

Supernatural Fanvid Rec

Over at dean_sam Blacklid recommended a fanvid made by Dayln03. I strongly suggest watching that video because it's splendid! Well-edited, the song "Cells" by The Servant (Yes the one from the "Sin City OST"!) is fitting! It's one of the best fanvids I have ever seen! So go watch it right here!

(IJ still doesn't let me embed videos!)

ETA 08-28-2007 @ 10:56 The original post in which Blacklid reced this vid has been deleted due to community rules violation. The mantainer doesn't allow recs, only the authors themselves can rec their own stuff. (Thank God I stumbled over this post before it was deleted, I really would have missed out on this great video.)