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Jul. 6th, 2008

SOMF #004


Wondering, what this is about? Read.


  • And yet another new Batman - The Dark Knight clip. This time it's about the Joker! Watch on YouTube. (Skip to 00:35, this is where the real action begins!) (Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ)

  • Harry Potter fans attention, please! Two new promo pics of Ron and Draco from HBP came out. (Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ)

  • Oh, I'm sure everyone knows this song! Jan Hammer: Crockett's Theme. The music video is really cool, brings back a great Miami Vice feeling! :) Watch on YouTube. (Source: me :D)


  • Awesome ad about sexy sumos washing a car! :) (Source: mad_scientist_x's journal.) Watch )

  • Because I re-discovered my love for Jean Claude van Damme and I know that a few people on my f-list used to/still like him, I give you another dose of him. That man can dance like whoa. Shake that ass, bb! Watch on YouTube. And for everyone who knows Bloodsport, have you ever seen this scene there? *lol* (Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ)

  • Muahha, what kind of music video is this? It cracks me up: Men Without Hats: Safety Dance. (Source: me :D)

  • It's obvious from this post that I was (and still am) in the mood for songs from the 80ies. I found another great song that I like. Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. Don't you want to sing and dance along? :D Bwahah, the video is funny. The way he dances! hahah... It makes me so happy! (Source: me)

Jul. 3rd, 2008

SOMFL #003


Wondering, what this is about? Read.


  • Did you know Jean Claude Van Damme has gorgeous kids? No? Well, they are behind the cut...(Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ) Van Damme and his kids. )

  • I'm really getting more and more excited about the new Batman - The Dark Knight movie. Domino's Pizza has released a new trailer for The Dark Knight that shows all-new footage from the film along with new dialogue between Alfred, Bruce Wayne and The Joker. Preview emphasizes on the psyche of Bruce Wayne.(Source: ohnotheydidnt on LJ) Watch. )


Jul. 2nd, 2008

Seen On My F-List issue #002


Wondering, what this is about? Read.



Jul. 1st, 2008

New regular issue! I call it "Seen On My F-List"! :)

No, although you might have thought it, but I am not dead. I just took a little break from my journal. But now I'm back and I bring you a new little regular issue I've wanted to create for a while now. I want to call it "Seen On My F-List". (Heh, am I not inventive when it comes to names? ^^)

So what will this "Seen On My F-List" issue be about?
Click to learn. )

All right, now that you know what this is all about, let's start with the first issue right away!




  • On mission_briefs, a Gundam Wing fic search/find community on LJ, anime_gal22 is looking for a fic and makes a funny typo.

    in the story Heero get's into a relationship with Duo. But when Duo goes on a mission het is presumed dead. Heero trys everything to find Duo.

    LAWL!!! HET is presumed dead! :)

Well, that's it for this issue! Hope you enjoyed it!

May. 29th, 2008

Dear Photobucket, it was just a beautiful naked butt!

Remember that really hot pic of Christian Bale's sexy behind I posted in this post? Well, apparently because of the nudity it violated Photobucket's ToU and they deleted it. Damn it! There really was nothing offensive about that pic!

I then went on to google and searched for image hosting sites that allow nudity, and I was directed to flickr. I like flickr! I've used this site a lot in the past when I was looking for stock images, and since I like it so much and I needed a site where I could host that picture of Christian Bale, I signed up there. You can now find me here on flickr. :)

Seriously, dear Photobucket, why would you delete this beautiful piece of man butt? It's a shame!
Click to enlarge.

You fail!!


I eat, I crave and I lol :)

Yesterday my friend Anna and I went to our favorite Italian ice cream parlor the "Colosseum". The ice cream there is delicious! Usually I always take one of my 3 favorite sundaes, but yesterday I decided to choose something else entirely from the menu. I picked a "Spezial Becher" (translated to "Special Cup")which was awesome and tasted so very lusciously. My friend took her favorite "Himbeer Joghurt Eisbecher" (translated to "Raspberry Yogurt Sundae") which looked also very yummy. I had to take pictures of the sundaes before we ate them.

Sundaes after the cut )

Yesterday, while checking my LJ f-list, I found these pics at bale_daily:

Click to enlarge.

See more after the cut )


Again, a few lulz-worthy pics I found on my f-list:

Click to enlarge.

Arnie is looking for a wife...


Apr. 20th, 2008

New layout and sharing a Grimmjow background

Whoohoo I finally finished working on my new Grimmjow themed layout! Har har. This time I used basic codes by minty_peach. In other words I took this particular layout and modified it to my wishes.

The biggest problem I had to work out, was how to get some of my backgrounds transparent. I tried it with opacity, but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to. That was where the LJ community s2flexisquares came in handy. I searched through it and found a helpful entry.

How to reach transparency on entry backgrounds:
Basically you can reach transparency by creating a color filled image in PS, setting it to 80% opacity and then lay it on top of a transparent background. Merge the layers, save it and upload it to an image hosting site and then use that image as a background. That's it. Really simple, ne?!

I only tested the layout in Firefox, my sister told me it looked fine in Opera too. I don't know what it looks like in other browsers though. That's why I'm asking you, if you use a different browser, could you please tell me if the layout looks like this or somehow wonky? That would be absolutely lovely of you!

Oh and I also made my very first wallpaper/background. I always wanted a Grimmjow layout and I loved that sexy silhouette!Grimm image ever since I first saw it, so I thought why not make a background from it.

I like to share:

Grimm-baby background )

Apr. 11th, 2008

Crack!Spiders r 4 LOLZ

Today I finally got around to manage my bookmarks. They really needed a good clean-up, and after weeks of putting it off, it was now or never. Besides, since I was working on my freshly created del.icio.us account, I was pretty motivated to go through my bookmarks just for the fun of adding them to del.icio.us. *giggles*

Anyway, while I was working I stumbled upon a site I've nearly completely forgotten: Encyclopedia Dramatica. Some of you might already know it; in case you don't, it's some kind of LULZY archive. It collects the dramatic happens of the Web for your laughing pleasure. :)

So, I don't know how it happened exactly, but somehow I saw this article about Spiders and being masochistic and all I clicked on the link. Why masochistic? Well, I'm afraid of spiders! They scare me! Those long hairy legs! GNAH! They are ugly buggers and I don't like them! The thing is, that I once saw a pic of a giant spider in a forum, and when [info]only_gremo, [info]mllesatine and me met last month, we were talking about giant spiders and what we would do if we had one sitting in our room. That's why I clicked the link to refresh that image of that huge goddamn spider. (Care to risk a look? Then click here.)

Don't get me wrong, pictures like this creep me out! Really, they give me the shivers, and right now I'm constantly looking over my shoulder scanning all four corners of my room. Yeah, but still I had to look at those pictures! Anyway, I noticed then that those bloody harvest-men are no better than spiders! (Have a look, if you dare!)

So, yeah and to top it all off, I also watched a video called 'Crack Spider'. And it really cracked me up despite the spiders! Muahahhaahh! Basically, you can see how some scientist gives spiders a variety of some drugs (caffeine and alcohol being two of them) and the funny thing is the reaction that the spiders show after the contact with the drugs! You have to watch it! It's really well done and hilarious! I put the vid behind the cut. Personally, I love the coffee! and the crack!spider.

Building webs is for suckers )

Feb. 25th, 2008

Me is a deviant now and Bleach obsessed

Today, after months of lurking around deviantart I finally got myself an account there. I don't know why I'm always so hesitant to join a site I really like. It has been the same with last.fm actually or livejournal. Before I got myself an account there, I spent months using and searching through those sites.

Whenever I frequent a site more than three times a week it's usually clear that I will join it in the end. So I can't understand why I always wait months before I do it. *lol* Strange me!

However, the reason to finally join deviantart was a piece of art I came up with while experimenting a bit with PS yesterday. I wanted to try out a few brushes and some colors and filters and the result I ended up with was rather pretty in my opinion, I really couldn't delete it (which I originally intended). I showed it to [info]only_gremo and she said she liked it as well and she could imagine someone wanting to use it as a header or something. So I thought I could use my deviantart account (I'm also reijamira over there, I know I'm very inventive when it comes to names, heh) to share it.

I named it "Discovery" (Hah, again with the names) because Gremo said one can discover many things in it.

Take a look )

On another matter, I finally finished watching all episodes of Bleach there are so far (that makes 161). And I can only say if you are into anime and don't know Bleach yet, then you should consider watching it! I highly recommend it. It's awesome! Such an interesting plot! And so many sexy as hell characters! My two number one favorite charas are Kurosaki Ichigo, the main character, and Grimmjow Jaegerjaques an evil arrogant bastard. :) Those are just two characters I love but there are so many more. Have I mentioned that Bleach is my new fandom? Have I? I'm sure I have.

In case you are now curious as hell, here you can find more information on Bleach:

+ Wiki article about Bleach
+ bleachfan.de (German) Very good German site.
+ bleachportal.net (English) For everything Bleach related

I'm sure there are more sites out there but so far I've only checked out these ones. If you know one that I should know, please do tell me!

Feb. 17th, 2008

BLEACH goodies: 10 icons/animations & screencaps

Yesterday I changed my layout. I really needed a change and I was in the mood for a darkish layout. So I made myself one. I'm pretty satisfied with it. For the background I wanted to have some sort of texture and after fiddling around with the PS filters I came up with something that looked fancy enough for my liking. I was a bit sad that I couldn't use the black font color for my entries because when I tested it it was really difficult to read people's posts. So I had to change it to a lighter grey that is much better on the eye and I really like it that way. If you took a look tell me what you think, would you? :)

Today I made some animated icons. I always wanted to learn how to make those. It was really fun working on the gif's. I intend to make more in the future. This time there are only three of them and all are from Bleach. Bleach is such an icon-able anime. I remembered those two scenes from the earlier episodes where Renji and Ichigo had those awesome slashy moments (Well they have them quite often in my opinion. *g*) and I always wanted to icon these scenes. I hope you like the results as much as I do.

And last but not least I also want to share my Bleach screencaps from episode 02, 03 and the Opening & Ending caps part 1.

It's Bleach goodie time. ^__^

First of the screencaps.

Bleach Episode 02 Screencaps:




2 more batches... )

And now on to the icons.

Bleach icons:

[01-07] Bleach
[08-10] Bleach (animations)


We like to tease.

Click me for more! )

Feb. 3rd, 2008

Bleach and Death Note = new fandoms

Thanks to my dear friend [info]only_gremo I'm currently terribly obsessed with two animes: Bleach and Death Note. It's been awhile since I've last been this obsessed with an anime. I think the last two animes I've been fangirling over were Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing of which the latter is still one of my main fandoms. But now - thanks again Gremo - I've got two new fandoms. :)

I've not yet finished watching Bleach and Death Note. But I'm getting there!

Anyway, since I'm so in love with Bleach I wanted to make some icons of it. So I went searching for screencaps, but, dude believe it or not, it's damn hard to find some. Really, I'm not kidding here! I couldn't for the life of me find screencaps from all the episodes, especially episode 01. That's why I made my own caps and since Bleach screencaps are so rare, I want to share them. In fact, I'm planning on making caps from each episode. But for now here are the caps from episode 01.

Bleach Episode 01 Screencaps:



ZIP FILE (88,56 MB's)


(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

  • Don't hotlink.

  • Please comment when taking!

  • Please credit me ([info]reijamira) somewhere.

Jan. 8th, 2008

I'm back

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone 'survived' the holidays. :)

I haven't been online for nearly four weeks now, because I was at home, and we don't have internet there, as sad as it is. I wanted to do so many things at home, i.e. improving my PS skills, making some icons, writing a few SPN reviews and metas etc. But all I did was ... nothing. Yeah, big damn shame but I was unfortunate enough to get a cold during the holidays (I still have it.). So I blame the cold.

Nevertheless I had a great time. Haven't been home for almost a year and my people were really glad to see me after such a long time. For christmas I got an external hard disk (amongst other things of course). But the hard disk is my new baby. 400 GB of pure digital data pleasure! WHOOT! :)

Anyway, today, when I was checking my LJ f-list I found a nice and funny meme:

Snagged from kathrinchen:

1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Here's my album cover )

Funny isn't it? *lol*

Well okay now, that shall be enough for today!

Good night guys!
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Nov. 20th, 2007

Something I've noticed about Supernatural

Today I was re-watching 1.06 "Skin". And when I did so, I noticed a scene I've already seen in another episode. So I went checking whether it's true and it was. Look for yourself:

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

In 1.06 "Skin" at the end we see the following scene:

Screencap found at screencap-paradise

And then I remembered in 3.04 "Sin City" at the beginning seeing the exact same scene. Look:

Screencap by me

So, yeah, they've used the exact same scene in two different episodes! Hah! :)

I remembered the scene in 3.04 so well because I found it pretty and wanted to make an icon of it.

Nov. 12th, 2007

Chicago Con reports

I totally snagged this from softcake_70 but I will try to continue it on my own.

There are already some awesome reports out there with pics, stories etc. from people who where at the Chicago Con and got to see Jared and Jensen in all their adorkable glory!! Here are the first of those reports:

List put behind the cut, because it got too long. )

Here is a cute pic courtesy of _sin_attract:

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view!)

x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Nov. 11th, 2007

Two cute pics of Jared and Jensen: Jared's doing it again

OMG!!! People, I just had --- strike that, I'm still having a major squee fit because of those pictures that runedgirl just posted!! You know that Jared and Jensen are at the ChicagoCon this weekend. And runedgirl is one of those lucky fans who's also there. And she took the cutest pics of Jared and Jensen...

Look, how Jared just can't take his hands off Jensen. And Jensen is all used to it as it seems!! Look:

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view!)

ETA 2007-11-11 @ 17:14 So, in case you want to know why exactly Jared always hugs Jensen like that, missyjack has the answer: Jared aka the Pada-Sloth.

Thanks to runedgirl for those incredible sweet pics!!|x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Oct. 27th, 2007

Even more pics from Jared's new photoshoot

Today I found a few more pics from Jared's new photoshoot. (Remember? I already posted three pics some time ago.)

Now, on j-padalecki.org you can find a whole lot more pics of him all sexy and slicked and OH SO JARED!

Here are a few teaser, unfortunately they all have watermarks on them.

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

Man, that guy is packaging a HUGE thing there!! Everything on Jared is huge, I guess! Whoa! OMG! *is dead*

x-posted to [info]jaredp_fans

Oct. 16th, 2007

A Spontaneous Act

I just dyed my hair! It came over me out of the blue and I suddenly thought, "Dude, you gonna have to dye your hair." Well that's what I did in the end! It's now black-purple. Exactly like Lisa's hair in SPN 3.02. I would post a photo of me but neither do I have a digi-cam nor is my web-cam good enough to make photos where you can actually see the color. :(

That's why I post a pic of Lisa instead. My hair is a little longer than hers and much thicker. I use a straightener so it's nice and smooth like hers! :)

(Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view.)

Ramblings about the German SPN Dub

Yesterday Pro 7, a German TV-station, aired Supernatural (German dub). It was the first time SPN has been aired on free-tv. I watched it even though I knew the dub is awful. The voices are too boyish, soft and, in case of Sam and Dean, sound too much alike. Watch a two minutes clip of 1.17 "Hell House" here if you dare.

Curious as I am I've looked the German dub up on YouTube some time ago. As far as I know 1.03 "Dead In The Water" is fully uploaded there. There are also a few short clips from various episodes.

It is really bad. Especially since Dean and Sam have the same dub voices like two characters from the anime "Dragon Ball (Z)". I used to be a HUGE fan of DB(Z). And after more than 400 episodes the characters (and their voices) get really stuck in your mind. Every time I hear German!Dean talk I think of Tenchinhan and every time I hear German!Sam talk (my Sammy *whines*) I think of Kururin. And believe me, that is so not nice!

Another point is the translation itself! I was curious how they would translate BITCH and JERK. And they translated it to IDIOT and SCHLAMPE. Now, that's horrible. You don't say "Schlampe" to a man in Germany! At least not in the way it is meant to be in SPN. And JERK is not really "Idiot" in German. I would have translated BITCH to "Mistkerl" and JERK to "Spinner". I asked my friend Anna today, who only knows the German dub, how she liked the SCHLAMPE thing and she said she actually had to laugh! Mmh, I can't laugh about that. In fact it's rather sad.

Next HUGE mistake was MULLETROCK. They actually translated it to "Friseurmusik" (literal: barber music). No one knows Friseurmusik. I've never heard a term like this. Even Anna found it rather strange.

But all in all she said she liked it. Then again she never saw the original version which is a million times better. I soooo love Sam and Dean's original voices. Such beautiful deep manly voices. Especially Sam's. Because when he gets all angry or just a little bit louder it's like he roars. Such a deep DEEP bass. :) SEXY. And the German voice? It's school boy like! Ewww, when Sam screams or gets louder it sounds so strange.

And Dean? He lost his charm! Now German!Dean sounds very arrogant! And we all now Original!Dean is NOT arrogant.

However, after I watched the German dub I re-watched it in English and then, later that night I watched the rerun of the German dub. (Yeah, I'm that masochistic!)

I know I will tune in again next Monday when the second episode will be aired. Don't ask me why.

Oct. 9th, 2007

Jared's new photoshoot: 3 photos/10 icons

The other day I stumbled across three photos from Jared's new photoshoot which were posted by moonilicious. I must say these pics are gorgeous! Jared is one hot guy! Dammit.

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view)

Because they are so hot I also made a few icons from the pics. Hope you like them.

[01-10] Jared Padalecki


001 002 003

To the rest )

Oct. 3rd, 2007

My newest fandom: Alexander

I'm getting into a new fandom. It's [insert major drum roll here] Alexander The Great.

How did that come?

Read more )

Well, today I was looking for a few Jared Leto pics I could make icons from and I stumbled across something very, VERY interesting. Look:

Published: Friday, May 26, 2006
Source: canada.com

Is actor and musician Jared Leto coming out? In an online interview last week, the 34-year-old star said: "I'll give you an exclusive...I'm gay." Asked if he was serious, Leto replied: "As a goose." It's not the first time the actor, who also heads rock band 30 Seconds To Mars, has brought up his sexuality. In an interview with Out magazine in 2004, Leto told writer Degen Pener: "I know I'm gay. I must be gay." In the Oliver Stone flick Alexander, Leto played Colin Farrell's lover - but there were no sex scenes between the two actors. "If there had been," Leto said, "it would be the best man-on-man sex you've ever seen."

First, I've only known Jared from his band 30 Seconds To Mars. Even though I like their music, I've never once looked up "Jared Leto" on the internet or somewhere else, you could say I don't know anything about him. (That will definitely change, because now I am a fan! ^.^) Therefore I don't know whether he's gay, bi or hetero or whatever.

But what he says about that "if so-sex scene". Whoa!! I'd really love to see that "best man-on-man sex you've ever seen". Now, I have those naughty mental images! Great! Thanks Jared!

Two pics of Jared Leto and Colin Farrell )

Whew, now I'm done. :)

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