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Jul. 2nd, 2008

I hate spam attacks! + some linkage and news about the SPN newsletter project

Today, after months of getting irritating and completely incomprehensible spam comments by anons, I finally disabled commenting for everyone and enabled commenting for registered users only! I really hate doing that, but having to delete more than 15 spam comments per day really got on my nerves. This change will only be temporary though. After 2 weeks I will try enable comments for everyone again. Hopefully all those darn spam anons will have lost interest by then.

Also for all anime fans on my f-list, I found a nice site where you can watch a lot of animes online without the trouble of downloading each episode. The site is called ani-watch. Go, check it out! :)

On a different note, it would be great if you could vote in the SPN newsletter poll, vol.2 if you haven't already. So far, 11 people took the poll! I want to have a few more votes before I analyze the results.

On the same matter, I want to announce that the asylum [info]spn_newsletter was handed over to me by [info]dea_liberty on June 19th, 2008. That will spare me the effort of creating a new asylum! :)

Jul. 1st, 2008

What the...?

I just wanted to access my LJ profile, but what I got instead was this:

Livejournal.com is currently unavailable for a brief emergency maintenance. We'll be up again shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

What brief emergency are they referring to, huh?

ETA @ 7:09pm GMT+2: Aahhh, it's back up again!

Jun. 2nd, 2008

Freaking Heat Fucks Up My Laptop --> rant


So yesterday my laptop kinda froze. I was having serious trouble getting it to work again. It was so freaking slow, nothing seemed to work. Opening or closing a program took forever, even chatting on MSN seemed impossible. I was so worried and frustrated, I nearly had a major fit.

It was so bad that I had to shut down my laptop and went to bed at around 12am. (I seldom go to bed at 12am!) And I was pissed that I couldn't work on my laptop any longer. *grrrr*

[info]only_gremo said it was because of the heat. I virus checked my system, and it's clean. So the heat it was then, wasn't it? Seriously, I've never ever had such issues with my laptop before. Scared the hell out of me, because I can't afford a new laptop.

However, today, everything seems to be okay once again. Thank God!

Dear baby,

don't you ever do that to me again! Ever! My heart couldn't bear it!

Thank you.



Oct. 26th, 2007

That snap crap turned on in my LJ? WTF???

Oh people, wtf??? One minute or so ago I was cruising my f-list over on that crappy site that shall not be named, when I noticed it: The snap crap was turned on without me DOING IT!!!

WTF is going on??? I thought it would be turned on ONLY in freshly created journals!!

Well, that makes me really angry!!


Also, *whines* I need to watch SPN 3.04 now *kicks dl* ...

ETA 07-10-26 @ 10:30 am I just read about it in news:


A few weeks ago, we told you about a new tool from Snap.com that provides visual previews on external links within your journal. Based on your positive response, we've enabled these graphics for Basic and Plus users. (Don't worry: If you already disabled the graphic previews, you will not have to do so again. Also, if you don't want to see graphic previews, you can easily disable them within your journal on the Viewing Options page under "Graphic previews.")

Well thanks a lot, but I never wanted to have that Snap crap in my journal! Turning it on is so not nice!!

Oct. 22nd, 2007

German SPN dub

Watching the German SPN dub (1.02 "Wendigo").... muahhaha, it sucks ass! Really! The voices! OMG! But I can't just turn my TV off.

family business = Familienauftrag bwahahhaah

Oct. 16th, 2007

Ramblings about the German SPN Dub

Yesterday Pro 7, a German TV-station, aired Supernatural (German dub). It was the first time SPN has been aired on free-tv. I watched it even though I knew the dub is awful. The voices are too boyish, soft and, in case of Sam and Dean, sound too much alike. Watch a two minutes clip of 1.17 "Hell House" here if you dare.

Curious as I am I've looked the German dub up on YouTube some time ago. As far as I know 1.03 "Dead In The Water" is fully uploaded there. There are also a few short clips from various episodes.

It is really bad. Especially since Dean and Sam have the same dub voices like two characters from the anime "Dragon Ball (Z)". I used to be a HUGE fan of DB(Z). And after more than 400 episodes the characters (and their voices) get really stuck in your mind. Every time I hear German!Dean talk I think of Tenchinhan and every time I hear German!Sam talk (my Sammy *whines*) I think of Kururin. And believe me, that is so not nice!

Another point is the translation itself! I was curious how they would translate BITCH and JERK. And they translated it to IDIOT and SCHLAMPE. Now, that's horrible. You don't say "Schlampe" to a man in Germany! At least not in the way it is meant to be in SPN. And JERK is not really "Idiot" in German. I would have translated BITCH to "Mistkerl" and JERK to "Spinner". I asked my friend Anna today, who only knows the German dub, how she liked the SCHLAMPE thing and she said she actually had to laugh! Mmh, I can't laugh about that. In fact it's rather sad.

Next HUGE mistake was MULLETROCK. They actually translated it to "Friseurmusik" (literal: barber music). No one knows Friseurmusik. I've never heard a term like this. Even Anna found it rather strange.

But all in all she said she liked it. Then again she never saw the original version which is a million times better. I soooo love Sam and Dean's original voices. Such beautiful deep manly voices. Especially Sam's. Because when he gets all angry or just a little bit louder it's like he roars. Such a deep DEEP bass. :) SEXY. And the German voice? It's school boy like! Ewww, when Sam screams or gets louder it sounds so strange.

And Dean? He lost his charm! Now German!Dean sounds very arrogant! And we all now Original!Dean is NOT arrogant.

However, after I watched the German dub I re-watched it in English and then, later that night I watched the rerun of the German dub. (Yeah, I'm that masochistic!)

I know I will tune in again next Monday when the second episode will be aired. Don't ask me why.

Aug. 24th, 2007

Issues concerning IJ

Today I encountered a lot of problems concerning insanejournal which is really bugging me to no end! Is it only me or do you have the same issues?

1. The Comment Counter On My Profile....
... doesn't work right. This is a problem that exists right from the start when I got my account here. (Read here!) Just a minute ago I received an email from the Support Team I wrote to the other day saying that "it appeared to be a caching issue that was resolved with the new faster server". Okay, why everybody else's comment counter worked fine even with the old server is beyond me, but hopefully it will work now.

2. Nearly all icons in my posts were set to "default"...
...and not only that! My "music" and my "mood" was also deleted so that I had to go back to each and every entry (thank god there were only 12) to set it right once again. Perhaps this issue also occurred because they changed the server, therefore it would be interesting if anyone else has encountered similar issues.

3. When someone friends me and I friend him/her back, the user-name doesn't show with the "mutual friends".
That was/is really annoying! I refreshed the site like a thousand times until it finally worked, and when I got back to my profile some time later the user-name was again not listed with my "mutual friends". Grrr...

4. Comments Went Missing
So far I noticed two - I just checked it, and there are over 30 comments missing! Where are they? Will they ever come back? Crap, now I'm really pissed off!

Has anyone else experienced issues like that?