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Aug. 31st, 2007

Rambling about the genre "hurt/comfort"

Note: I posted this on my LJ some time ago and decided to also post it on my IJ because you never know what LJ will do to my journal, it could be deleted or something.

Lately I've started exploring the "Starsky & Hutch" fandom which is entirely new to me! I am quite obsessed with the two detectives who express their deep friendship so openly. Everyone who knows the series knows of the affection that both cops have for each other; of the deep and caring relationship; and of the occasional touch (which is, by the way, very occasional!). So lovely, I tell you!

Since the fifth episode "The Fix" in which Hutch is kidnapped by the bad guys who get him addicted to heroin in order to extract information from him about the whereabouts of a girl, I was entertaining the idea of reading Hutch hurt/comfort fics. I really have a thing for hurt/comfort. It's an intriguing genre.

Imagine two male partners like Starsky and Hutch. Both love each other, not only as friends or colleges but also as lovers, but no one tells the other about his true feelings for fear of rejection or loosing the precious friendship. This is where hurt/comfort comes into play.

I think if one is confronted with the mortality and vulnerability of the other only then would he show his truest feelings. It's the aspect of recognizing how much the other really means to you, of recognizing how close you came to losing your beloved one which let's us express our deepest and innermost emotions. It's like you lose all your inhibitions at once and all you can do is acting on your raw emotions. And that's what I love about hurt/comfort!

What I love about hurt/comfort )